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Since summer is so close, I decided to start something I haven’t done in a while—start chess summer school. This summer’s theme is the great weakness of all chess players: endgames. We’ll start off with some basics of king and pawn endgame play and work our way up.

1.Kf4 [1.Ke6 Ke8 2.f7+ Kf8 3.Kf6 stalemate] 1...Kg8 2.Ke4 Kf8 3.Ke5 Kf7 4.Kf5 Kf8 5.Kg6 Kg8 6.Kxh6 Kf7 7.Kg5 Ke6 8.Kg6 and you escort the pawn in. The concept of triangulation is very important in king and pawn endings. The Kf4-e4-e5 maneuver was so when Black went to f7, the White king could then win the opposition with Kf5. Otherwise, the result given in the note to move one would occur.


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