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Our last Troitzky lesson for the week. All very practical rook and pawn endings as is this one, which has many more variations.


1.h6 Ra6 [1...Ra3 2.Ra5 Rxa5 3.h7 Ke7 4.h8Q; 1...Ra8 2.Ra5 Rc8 3.Ra7 Rc6 4.h7 Rh6 5.h8Q+ Rxh8 6.Ra8+; 1...Ra7 2.Ra5 Rh7 3.Ra8+ Ke7 4.Ra7+ Kf8 5.Rxh7; 1...g3 2.h7 Rh2 3.Ra5 e4 4.h8Q+ Rxh8 5.Ra8+; 1...Kd7 2.Rc8! Kxc8 3.h7 Ra7 4.h8Q+] 2.h7 Rh6 3.Ra5 Rxh7 4.Ra8+ Kc7 5.Ra7+ The combination of deflection and x-ray attack themes are very entertaining and instructional.

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