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In this teaser the idea is to identify the blanked words. The secret is that each word is an anagram of the previous word, but minus one letter. For example

The ------- mopped up the spilt ------ and then made sure all the work surfaces were -----.

The answer for the first word would be "Cleaner", the remove the "N" and make into "Cereal", then remove an "E" to make "Clear".

Now try these.

The ------ that he has to ------ with his roommate is so noisy, the people next door can ---- it.

He did not ------ when the ----- landed on his ---- whilst he was sunbathing.

The can of pop had cured his's ------ but the chilli stain on his ----- caused quite a ---- with his wife.


Washer, Share, Hear
Flinch, Finch, Chin
Thirst, Shirt, Stir

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