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One day Jerry Mayor from Smelliville was visiting the neighbouring country of Madadia and was sitting in the Penistone mainline railway station. He was sitting very uncomfortably in the waiting room and was staring intently at two doors that were at the opposite end of the room. Jerry Mayor was not a happy man at that point. In fact he was in dire distress. He then noticed a young man enter one of the doors. Instantly Jerry, with a great smile, followed the young man through the door and after a few moments he returned with an even bigger smile on his face.

Why would Jerry Mayor be so happy after following a young man through the door?


Jerry could not understand the words written upon the doors, they were written in the Madadian national language (Kebabese) so he did not know which door lead to the gents toilets, and he was desperate to go, but did not wish to risk walking into the ladies by mistake. The young man entering one of the doors showed him what he needed to know.

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