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Googlebunnies are creatures that come in two types (spooky and flitty) and two genders (male and female). The spooky males and flitty females always tell the truth; flitty males and spooky females always lie.

You come across 3 Googlebunnies. Determine the type and gender of each based on their statements:

A: Ask B what my type is - he will give a truthful answer. C is flitty.

B: A and I are both males. C is a female.

C: A and B are both females. B is spooky.

Which country or nation has a value of 5?


A. Spooky Female
B. Spooky Female
C. Spooky Male

If A is truthful, B must be truthful which would make C a Flitty Female. Since that would mean C speaks the truth then A and B are both predators which would make B's statement false. Therefore A must be lying.

Therefore if A lies then B must lie (from A's statement).


From A's false statement then, C is spooky and from B's false statement. C is male. Therefore C is truthful and A and B are both Spooky Females.

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