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Beethoven needs your help! Mozart has been killed at a party in a mansion and Beethoven has been called to the case. The rooms in the mansion are: The Library, The Dining Room, The Music Room, and The Study. Mozart was killed in the Music room. Schubert, Joplin, Hayden, and Gershwin are the suspects. Beethoven has figured out that the suspect that was in the Music Room at the time of the murder is the one who killed Mozart. Find out which suspect was in which room at the time of the murder to figure out the person who killed Mozart!

1. Schubert hated books.
2. Joplin was either eating or practicing piano.
3. Gershwin liked books, but wasn't in the Library.
4. There were two people in the Music Room.
5. Schubert was sick of being called "Sherbet" by Joplin, so he left the room Joplin was in.


Schubert murdered Mozart.
Hayden was in the Library.
Joplin was in the Dining Room.
Gershwin was in the Study.
Schubert was in the Music Room.
The second person in the music room was Mozart's dead body!

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