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Five men at a board games club meet once a week to play their favourite board game 'Hollywood Quest'. In this game each space is colour coded one of five colours, each one representing a category of questions.

The five categories are Books, Celebrities, Films, Music, Television.

The five colours are blue, green, grey, orange and purple.

Can you name all five men, their favorite categories and the colours represented by those categories?


1. Mr Everett prefers the purple coloured squares.

2. Mr harper likes Films category best, which is not the blue nor the orange squares.

3. Johns Sanders doesn't like literature-based questions.

4. Patrick's favourite colour is the blue (this is not the colour of the TV questions).

5. The grey squares indicate a player must answer a question about books, and Mr Erwin won't land on these if he can help it.

6. Graham prefers the celebrities category.

7. James avoids the green and orange squares.

8. Kendal is the fifth surname, and Paul the missing first name.


Graham Everett, purple, celebrities
James Kendal, grey, books
John Sanders, orange, TV
Patrick Erwin, blue, music
Paul Harper, green, films

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