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Each word in Group A can be paired with a unique word in Group B. What are the pairings? Why?

Group A:
apropos, doughy, gingham, mica, rebuff, scarab, squall, ukulele

Group B:
aloft, amateur, bituminous, enables, melody, phantasm, steroid, summary


The words are paired such that when the two words are put together (Group A prefixing Group B), the name of a mammal will be found.

aprOPOS SUMmary - opossum
dougHY ENAbles - hyena
gingHAM STERoid - hamster
miCA MELody - camel
reBUFF ALOft - buffalo
scaRAB BITuminous - rabbit
squaLL AMAteur - llama
ukulELE PHANTasm - elephant


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