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The following clues give definitions for world capitals. These definitions describe what the capitals (just the city) sound like they would mean.

1) This capital is a recently opened store for cooked meats.
2) This capital is plant-covered bovine.
3) This capital is a tool used for fighting.
4) This capital is a royal weight.
5) This capital is a cheer for a body of water.
6) This capital is the legendary vehicle graveyard.
7) This capital is something that annoys a religious figure.
8) This capital is a basic digit.
9) This capital is something you get from the sun.
10) This capital is a score for a ringer.


1) New Delhi (New Deli), India
2) Moscow (Moss Cow), Russia
3) Warsaw (War Saw), Poland
4) Kingston (King's Ton), Jamaica
5) Beirut (Bay Root), Lebanon
6) Khartoum (Car Tomb), Sudan
7) Budapest (Buddha Pest), Hungary
8) Quito (Key Toe), Ecuador
9) Bern (Burn), Switzerland
10) Belgrade (Bell Grade), Serbia and Montenegro

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