The Return of the Vowel-less Knights on

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The Vowel-less Knights are back again today ... and they're even more difficult to understand! Can you place vowels in the following three sentences to figure out what they're saying? For extra points, see if you can figure out who said them.

1) shll rtrn.
2) Th sht hrd rnd th wrld.
3) Cm p nd s m smtm.


1) I shall return.
Bonus: General MacArthur, when he left the Phillipines. Side note: He did.

2) The shot heard around the world.
Bonus: This phrase was used by the press of the day to desribe the first time American soldiers fought the British, as the British troops marched through Lexington on their way to Concord, and history.

3) Come up and see me sometime.
Bonus: Mae West, arguably the most popular USO entertainer and pinup girl of WW2.


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