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The following sentences have two blanks that can be filled with two words that are anagrams of each other. Can you figure out those words?

1. The burglar had __________ the entire apartment, and it seemed locating even one clue of his identity would be impossible. However, the skilled detective needed but a few __________ of the burglar's torn jeans to start the process of finding the perpetrator.

2. The construction boss sent Jim to the store for more __________. After an hour of Jim being gone, the boss remarked, "It's a good thing Jim is a hard worker because that boy is as slow as a __________.

3. What started out as a peaceful march turned into complete __________ and the National Guard was called in. The melee was __________ on two outside groups not even affiliated with the march.


1. trashed, threads
2. nails, snail
3. bedlam, blamed

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