Acclaimed vocalist CeCe Winans might not be 'Superwoman' but she's certainly amazing

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A: “More Than This” is a real live record. We were able to have lots of people. They all are singing with us. And as powerful as “Believe for It” is, “More Than This” is just — oh, my goodness — incredible to me.

And it’s the people. They are singing. They are worshipping with me. All I can say is it’s a powerful experience for whoever listens to it.

Q: And you’re saying that fans will get to hear some of that new stuff during upcoming tour dates.

A: Yes. We have released three singles and you’ll hear at least two of them. They released “Holy Forever.” We released “That’s My King.” And recently they released “Come Jesus Come.” So, we are excited about these songs.

Q: If someone is going to listen to just one of those songs for the first time today, which one should it be?

A: Oh, my goodness.

Q: I know. It’s like asking you which one of your kids is your favorite.

A: Exactly. Oh, my goodness. I guess I would have to choose “Holy Forever.” They are all good. They are all powerful. But “Holy Forever” to me is one of the most powerful songs. Yeah, I would definitely say “Holy Forever.” It’s just about God’s holiness — His power, His presence. And everything you need is in His presence. This song, to me, just ushers you into His presence. So, yeah, “Holy Forever.”


Q: You’re like the most highly decorated gospel singer in history. Where do you keep all your awards? Do you have the most ridiculous mantel ever? I mean, if I was walking through your house, would I just be like tripping over Dove Awards?

A: (Big laughter) Probably, if I didn’t have them all in one place, you would. It’s a lot. Yeah, they are all kind of in one area. And sometimes I walk by and say, “Wow. All of this has happened.”

Q: Tell me about your women’s conference that you’re hosting in Nashville, Tennessee, May 10-11.

A: Generations Live Women’s Conference (generationsliveconference.com) is happening on Mother’s Day weekend. Oh, everybody needs to come. And if you can’t be in the room then you need to be online. I am very excited about that. It’s a platform, it’s an environment, where God is going to bless us and create — where His presence can dwell and women can come from all over and be refreshed and be renewed and be filled with the Holy Spirit and just worship God together.

Q: Anything else you want to say to your fans?

A: I just want to say thank you to everybody — thank you for their kindness, for their prayers.

I am honored to be a woman of God and honored to be able to worship Him and to lead people into worship.

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