Acclaimed vocalist CeCe Winans might not be 'Superwoman' but she's certainly amazing

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CeCe Winans has sold millions of albums, won scads of Grammys and other major awards, performed around the world and positioned herself as one of the most successful gospel singers of all time.

She’s also written a half-dozen books — included her most recent bestseller, “Believe for It: Passing on Faith to the Next Generation” — and is in the third year of hosting a popular women’s conference.

Oh, and she also found time to raise a family and start the Nashville Life Church with her husband, Alvin Love.

It’s enough to make one wonder how this Detroit native — who is part of the legendary Winans gospel music family — finds time to accomplish everything that she does.

“It might look like I’m Superwoman, but I’m not,” Winans says in a recent phone interview. “I balance out my days so that I won’t be overwhelmed and so that it won’t be too much.”

Despite all that she has done in her amazing career, however, there was one thing that — somewhat surprisingly — she didn’t get around to doing for decades.


And that was to release a live album, which is a true staple of the gospel/worship music genre.

She’d finally check that one off her list with release of 2021’s “Believe for it.”

That milestone is one of the many things I chatted about with the stellar vocalist, who is known for her solo career as well as for her work as one half of the brother-sister duo BeBe & CeCe Winans.

Q: Great to talk with you, CeCe. How is the tour going so far?


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