Angela White is done hiding behind Blac Chyna. She couldn't love herself more

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Amid the changes she’s making in her life, White appeared as a cast member in the latest season of the Fox show “Special Forces.” She was also part of the cast of the Tubi platform movie “Vicious Affairs” and “Forever Us.”

Blac Chyna is the brand, but more than that, White’s protection since “Blac Chyna is not having it with nobody, like if it’s bad business, she’s not having it. Disrespect, she’s not having it,” she says referring to her alter ego in third person. White said she can also be no-nonsense but Blac Chyna wasn’t always very soft.

“I’m soft to the people that I need to be soft with, that give me respect, and I give that respect back,” White said. “If people want to be nasty and rude, I’m still not going to give that back, but I’m going to guard myself. I don’t want people to think that, ‘Oh, I’m soft. Because I’m not.’ I’m a soft person, I’m a gentle person, but I’m not soft.... This is not an era for me.”

White, who grew up in Washington, D.C., always felt beautiful as a child. She remembers being made fun of sometimes for the size of her forehead — ”I have a big forehead,” she laughs — but overall liked how she looked.

For beauty and style icons, White looked up to her mother, Shalana Hunter, known as Tokyo Toni, for being a true “glam girl” with “the big hair, makeup, lipstick, 6-inch pumps, belly chains and the two-seater fast cars and the cash.” She also loved Jennifer Lopez. When White looked at a photo of herself from when she was 12, she realized that she had already developed physically — a small waist and bottom heavy like her mom — but she was flat-chested.

“I couldn’t wait to turn 18, get me some boobs ... like going bra shopping was so much fun, you couldn’t tell me nothing,” White said with a laugh. “I wanted to look like a woman before my time, in which all of that stuff is going to come with age. You start to fill out, and then you start to thin out and I feel like I’m starting to thin out.”


But White became more determined to get cosmetic work done while she was working as an exotic dancer. She started with butt injections, then got breast implants and then started getting face and lip fillers. The women she saw making the most money were the ones who had all of those things.

“You’re looking around and seeing fully developed women like that, you’re like ‘I want to look like that,’ how am I going to make some money when they got big old booties and I got this little rump?” White recalled. “I needed a big rump, so that’s what I went and I got. Video vixens at the time had the breasts and the body and all of that and it was really just to appease the male species, to collect money from them.”

After she had cosmetic work, White said her money and opportunities increased. She was known to the public as the beauty with the blond hair, the face piercings, the dimples and tattoos all over her body. She said that she loved the results and that she felt beautiful and, more important, that it aligned with her vision “to look like something out of this world.... I wanted to look nonreal.

“I wanted that Hollywood look, like the Angelina Jolie carved out symmetrical face. I just wanted everything to be perfect and structured, because most of the magazines and the models, they have very symmetrical faces, and the lips needed to be a certain way, but for me, I kind of started to go overboard.”


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