Donald Glover to retire Childish Gambino persona after final 2 albums

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Donald Glover is retiring his Childish Gambino persona after releasing two more albums, the entertainer announced.

He shared the news on an Instagram Gilga Radio livestream that aired Sunday night.

A mock radio ad for the first of the new albums, titled “Bando Stone & the New World,” said it would be “available this summer.” He also debuted a new, untitled song, as well as “Human Sacrifice” and “Little Big Foot,” which leaked previously.

The album is tied to a film the multi-talented artist is making.

“I started working on this film called ‘Bando Stone & the New World’ and I always loved soundtracks,” he said.

The second new album is actually a reworked version of his last album, “3.15.20,” under the title “Atavista,” reportedly the album’s original working title.


“We put it out kind of quickly, I didn’t master or mix it,” Glover said. “I just put it out. I was going through a lot.”

“N—s thought everybody was going to die because it was the pandemic. We put it out, we finished it, it’s ‘Atavista,’ we’re putting that out,” he added.

Glover previously posted a track list and running time for “Atavista” on an Instagram story. In an apparent reference to the news, Glover’s social media account currently features a video of him nodding along to Southern California ska-rockers No Doubt performing “Happy Now?” on Saturday night at Coachella.

No release dates for the new albums was announced, but Glover seemed to indicate a release schedule for the two LPs.


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