Review: 'The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin' is a funny spin on a legendary highwayman

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While "Completely Made Up" is the operative term here — there's a cursed coach and a witch suspiciously eager to be burned among the storylines — some facts do survive into this fanciful series: Turpin's father was indeed a butcher, he came from Hampstead, his gang was called the Essex Gang, and condemned criminals really did hire mourners for their execution. But he was romanticized even (barely) in his time and much thereafter. In the "Made-Up" telling, Dolly Wells plays Eliza Bean, a writer of "true crime stories" who wants to publish Dick's story.

"I used to write these beautiful plays, poems, but no one cared," she tells him. "You write about the most horrific murder and people can't get enough of it."

Like Noel Fielding, Dick Turpin is only too happy to talk.




Rating: TV-14

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