With her first film, 'Suncoast,' Laura Chinn digs into her emotional past

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A: My mom's amazing. I wrote a book, too, called "Acne." It's very autobiographical, and I talk a lot about what it was like to be a preteen kid with a sick brother and many different aspects of preteen life, and I get very candid about my mom.

She's just amazing — her ability to kind of laugh at herself and be OK with who she is. She's just an incredible person.

Kristine is much more harsh and flinty than my mother.

I think for the movie, my mom was really able to separate herself because I wasn't Doris. I was partying. I had friends. I was living a different life from Doris, who was at home taking care of her brother all the time. Doris is a much better person than I was.

When she watched the movie, I think she got a lot of catharsis out of going through that experience again, but she's not watching it and going, like, "That's me — how dare you!"

Q: Given that Kristine's a sympathetic antagonist and that the viewer needs to feel different emotions toward her, how happy were you when you got Laura Linney to sign on the dotted line to do this movie?


A: Beyond — I mean, beyond — because Laura is impossible not to love.

In her performance, you just see her goodness — she just oozes goodness. And I think everyone on set was enamored of Laura Linney — you know, the idea of Laura Linney. Everyone's like, "Oh my God, Laura Linney's here!" But then she's the most grounded person.

With Kristine, the producers and I knew when we were looking to attach people, we needed to find a genuinely good soul who could be in these challenging moments with her daughter and we'd still love her and we'd still root for her.

Q: You've said you wrote the part of Paul with Woody Harrelson in mind. Why?


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