The Kids in the Hall return with new documentary, sketches and grown-up attitude

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"It didn't feel like a betrayal," Foley says. "It was one."

The five would patch up their differences and continue to churn out groundbreaking sketches in specials and live performances. But the movie doesn't offer viewers many chances to see what makes them special. Excerpts from sketches are far too short and random.

Thankfully, the five have reunited for eight new episodes, streaming May 13 on Amazon Prime, that feature much of their usual brand of taboo-shattering humor. Murderous cats, aging strippers and a doctor who treats newborns like footballs all make appearances.

Scott Thompson's character Buddy Cole, who wears his femininity as a badge of honor, returns, a reminder of just how far ahead of the pack Thompson was in celebrating homosexuality in sketch comedy. Mark McKinney brings back the Head Crusher, this time as a foil for Super Drunk, a superhero that's far from a Super Dad.

The five also get back into their dresses, playing women who do more than speak in high voices and stumble around in high heels. Funny stuff, but it would have been interesting to see the documentary address the absence of real women — as well as people of color — from full-time membership in the Hall.


Don't expect that to change. The five seem as committed as ever to ignoring the rules. In one early sketch, Foley and Kevin McDonald go the full monty to play naked bank robbers. In another, a Zoom meeting dissolves into a self-gratification session that's a lot more graphic than any behavior that got Jeffrey Toobin in trouble.

The new episodes never feel like just a trip down memory lane. You get the sense they're just getting started.


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