'It's a Wonderful Life' star thinks the time is right for a sequel

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Will a sequel get its wings?

Karolyn Grimes has brought tears of happiness to moviegoers since 1946, when flower petals belonging to her Zuzu Bailey character turned up in the pocket of leading man Jimmy Stewart, thus beginning his new lease on life in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Grimes, now 81, could see a followup to that Christmas classic being born.

“I think a sequel might be kind of fun,” she told the Daily News.

While it wasn’t a blockbuster when it was released, “It’s a Wonderful Life” has become the quintessential holiday picture. Paramount is celebrating the film’s 75th anniversary this year with a new two-disc set on Blu-ray.

The film — which for years was seemingly on every TV channel at all hours during the holiday season because it had fallen into the public domain — now gets two showings a year on NBC. This year it will be Dec. 4 and Christmas Eve.


The movie revolves around Stewart’s down-and-out George Bailey character meeting up with a guardian angel, who shows him how much his seemingly mundane existence meant to his family and their community in the bigger picture.

The actress who played that character’s young daughter envisions a followup in which George Bailey’s children continue his legacy.

“It’s the rest of the story,” Grimes said. “The kids would grow up and they’d have lives that are different. I think there’s a story there.”

In 2013, there was buzz of a sequel in the works, but it never came about, according to Screen Rant. It was reportedly to focus on Zuzu Bailey, whose character famously brought the film to a perfect ending with her classic line: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”


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