Scott Baio still considers Henry Winkler a pal, despite their Twitter squabble

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Chachi says the Fonz is still cool with him.

Former “Happy Days” actors Scott Baio and Henry Winkler found themselves in a somewhat heated Twitter exchange Monday after Winkler took exception to a photo Baio posted, seeming to mock Democratic Texas lawmakers who tested positive for COVID after flying maskless on a private plane.

“Why is this funny?” Winkler demanded after Baio posted a photoshopped image of those lawmakers, whose heads had been replaced by a COVID germ. “Our country is in danger.”

Baio claimed he was pointing out hypocrisy as he saw it and fired back, “What’s your point?”

Politics aside, the exchange didn’t sit well with apparent sitcom fans of the coming of age comedy, where Baio played teenager Chachi Arcola to Winkler’s iconic Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli character from 1977 through 1984.

“I hope he issued an apology,” stated one Twitter user. “Are you guys still friends?”

Baio responded with a loaded answer, considering much of the social media chatter following his brief fallout with the Fonz revolved around masking and resistance to COVID vaccines.

“Yes, of course we are,” Baio replied. “Live and let live.”

That claim went over well with some supporters who apparently have affection for the two New York City natives.

“Good to hear,” wrote VinceG222, who describes himself as a New York Mets and Knicks fan.


Another Twitter user going by ReaganConservative66 tweeted at Baio and Winkler, respectfully claiming the Fonz owed Chachi an apology.

“I understand you are on opposite ends of the political spectrum but I believe both of you want unity for our country,” he wrote. “Scott in no way indicated it was funny. If you extrapolated that, it’s on you.”

Christine, who describes herself as a nurse and a vaccinated person that puts “people over politics,” tweeted at Baio to keep his cool.

“I loved watching you on tv. I don’t believe you’re a bad person despite the unusual post,” she wrote. “The real problem is that this virus has become politicized and it shouldn’t be. Viruses don’t care about politics. (Winkler) was very kind and fatherly in his reply. You are loved!”

Baio spent a good deal of his Tuesday bickering with online trolls claiming he hasn’t worked much in recent years. He responded to one person, “Chachi doesn’t need to work, s—head.”

Winkler ended his day by congratulating the Milwaukee Bucks for winning the NBA title. “Happy Days” was set in Milwaukee.

Winkler told Fox News in December that he considers Baio “family” and that “He has his political life and I have mine.”


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