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There is no father that would do more to protect his family than Bill Spencer ("The Bold and the Beautiful"). Except Don Diamont. Everyone knows not to mess with the actor's real-life family, but a man named Quincy Adams did not get the message. Diamont has sent a loud and clear message to the stalker: Back off.

Diamont tolerated the stalker, until he brought the star's family into the issue. His biggest problem occurred when Adams showed up at his home. Adams made several bizarre claims on YouTube, stating that Diamont was responsible for COVID-19, the Iraq War and 9/11. He also claimed that the actor is a satanist and stated that he believes he and Diamont are somehow connected.

I have a friend with insomnia. I gave him a quick cure. Watch "The Young and The Restless." Sorry, guys, the show is a snoozefest. With such a talented cast, it is criminal not to use them. Phyllis has become a shrew. Yes, Phyllis knows how to get what she wants. This storyline is dreadful. You just want to shut her up. If Summer whines any more, she can open her own vineyard. Not trying to be cruel, but my reaction to Amanda's "Who and where is my daddy?" is: Why do we care? The plus side is seeing more of Michael. By the way, he is the district attorney, so why is his office in the coffeehouse? For now, do not watch for the plots; watch for the acting. Somehow, they pull it off. I spend a lot of time shaking my head and thinking about what they could have done with the story. Kinda like my dream of what I will do with the money when I have that major lottery win.



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