Record Store Day: What to look for on Saturday

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Just like everything else in 2020, with Record Store Day, the needle kind of slipped off the record and landed with a scratchy thud.

But, like a good DJ, it recovered quickly and got back on track with a series of RSD drops, beginning in August.

“By that time, we had gotten through the summer and for the most part, people knew how to behave and were eating and drinking outside, and cases were low here,” says Josh Cozby, owner of The Government Center, a Pittsburgh record store. “We had our biggest sales day as a store. But there were a lot of unknowns, like, are people going to show up?”

For that reason, he was cautious about how many of the RSD releases he ordered.

Now, with the pandemic on the wane, Cozby and other owners can throw caution to the wind for the first of three Record Store Days on Saturday, to be followed by one, with new releases, on July 17 and then on Black Friday.

“We have the most [RSD] releases we’ve had since we started doing this,” Cozby says.


With the supply chains a little backed up, stretching RSD between June and July allows for a better flow of product.

Jim Semonik, the record buyer at Eide's Entertainment, also in Pittsburgh, says the store is ready to roll with 150 RSD titles.

Most in demand?

“Definitely, the Black Sabbath picture discs,” he notes, “the Motorhead 10-inch. The Grateful Dead boxes always do well, Flaming Lips, Rage Against the Machine, Opeth and, of course, The Cure.”


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