New York City, over? Fran Lebowitz and Martin Scorsese say it's 'out of the question'

Meredith Blake, Los Angeles Times on

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How do you manage being friends while also being a subject and a documentarian?

Scorsese: It's not a subject. It's a conversation.

Lebowitz: There isn't that much difference. Of course, I don't have to be, like, miked if I have dinner with Marty. But I would not describe this as work. Sometimes it's a little bit arduous or annoying, but I wouldn't call it being, for instance, like a coal miner. That's work.

Scorsese: That's interesting. I used to say, "I never worked a day in my life."

Lebowitz: For many years, I have made a living by doing speaking engagements. And I will always say to my agent, "They understand that they pay me to get there, right?" I love being on the stage. I love talking to people. The flying there and the hotel and the car that doesn't come. That is what they pay me for. I went to Australia. And although I actually loved Sydney and Melbourne, they're fantastic places —

Scorsese: It takes a long time.


Lebowitz: Oh, are you kidding? Years. You leave, the kid across the hall is 3 years old. You come back four days later, he's 9 years old. I really enjoyed my time there. And the people there asked me, "Would you come back next year?" I said, "I could never do this again."

Scorsese: I've never been there because of the long trip. I can't take it.

Lebowitz: And you don't even smoke. The last time I didn't smoke for 22 hours, I was 11. OK? The people who live in Australia are basically people who had to go to Australia and then thought, "You know what? I can't face that trip back. I'm just gonna stay here. It's nice."

Unless you give me a plane where I can smoke. It's not even the flying. It's the not smoking.

I don't know what you asked but that's my answer.

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