'The Mandalorian' is back. This guide to 'Star Wars' lore will help you follow it

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The first season of "The Mandalorian" hinted at unseen events — a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — that drove the surviving warriors of Mandalore to a life underground.

Among the show's biggest surprises came during the first-season finale, when former Imperial officer Moff Gideon used a legendary Mandalorian weapon to break out of his wrecked TIE fighter.

Although it was said that no prior "Star Wars" knowledge was required to jump into the series' first season, the appearance of the Darksaber, along with promotional clips and casting reports (not to mention rumors) all point toward the second season of "The Mandalorian," which premiered Friday on Disney+, delving more into lore that has been revealed over years on shows such as "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars Rebels."

It was revealed during season one that before the fall of the Empire, Imperial forces clashed with the Mandalorians and nearly wiped them all out. They also took their beskar — the valuable, nearly indestructible metal used to forge Mandalorian armor.

But what happened before then? Here's a brief rundown of Mandalorian history for those who did not spend the 10 months since the season one finale bingeing all of the "Star Wars" animated shows — or just want a refresher.

_In ancient times ...


The Mandalorians have a long history of war and battles. A warrior society composed of different houses and clans, combat and their sense of honor are fundamental elements of their cultural identity.

In addition to fighting among themselves for political power, the Mandalorians also have a long history of battling against the Jedi.

_What is the Darksaber?

A special lightsaber with a dark blade, the legendary Darksaber was created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi and a ruler of Mandalore during ancient times. It was put in a Jedi Temple after his death, but long before the events of any "Star Wars" movie, members of House Vizsla stole it and used it to unify their people and rule over them.


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