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It wasn't until after Jack Quaid finished filming the light romantic comedy "Plus One" that he started to experience the world of weddings that serves as the backdrop of the film. He and Maya Erskine play two close friends who spend every weekend attending the nuptials for a friend or family member. They finally agree to be each other's plus-one to help get through the relentless parade of wedding toasts, sappy ceremonies and happy couples.

"It's really weird how this panned out. Only right now am I entering the wedding extravaganza that Ben and Alice are in in the movie," Quaid says. "I had relatively little experience with weddings when I shot that but now, it's crazy. We wrapped the movie and my best friend proposed to his girlfriend and I just had another friend propose to his girlfriend. It's starting to happen. Maybe the movie prepared me in a way that I don't really realize yet."

Quaid has not had a lot of wedding experience, but he's already built up a strong acting resume. Along with growing up in a household of actors as the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, the Los Angeles native has worked on projects ranging from the action film "The Hunger Games" to the voice of Richie Rich in the animated series "Harvey Girls Forever!"

His other roles include "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Vinyl" and "Logan Lucky." All that acting experience could work against Quaid as he begins to make his rounds on the wedding circuit. His ability to work in front of a camera would suggest he should be giving the most polished and perfect toast of anyone.

Quaid laughs and brushes off the concern because he knows the majority of his friends are actors -- many who have been his friend since they did plays together in middle school.

There was no such long acting history between Quaid and Erskine before filming "Plus One." "Plus One" directors Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer came up with a way for the two leads to bond before they had to start sharing scenes.

"The four of us did an escape room," Quaid says. "It was this magic scene, wizard escape room, and it's really hard to be a serious actor putting up a lot of fronts when you are literally holding a wand. We all clicked pretty quickly."

Along with that introduction, Quaid and Erskine had a week of rehearsals. That gave them a chance to not only become familiar with the original script by Chan and Rhymer but also ad lib additional lines.

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The preliminary work helped Quaid and Erskine nail down the dynamic of the relationship between the two characters. With that out of the way, all the two actors had to do on set was have a good time.

"That's so fun when you get to a place where you are just playing on set. You're golden," Quaid says. "By the time we started working it really felt more like we were doing the play. The only difference was that instead of being on a stage, we had to drive miles to film the next wedding scene."

Along with "Plus One," Quaid has landed the lead role in the new Amazon drama series "The Boys," based on the best-selling comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The eight-episode series looks at what happens when superheroes abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. Quaid plays one of the powerless humans recruited to help keep the super powerful under control.

Quaid, who started working on "The Boys" six months after wrapping up "Plus One," finds it weird that he worked on the projects over such a long time span but both will be released within weeks of each other. No matter the timing, Quaid is well aware he could not have found two more different roles.

"It's been a dream come true," Quaid says. "I feel super lucky to have been in two projects this past year that I really care about. For an actor, this is amazing."

"Plus One" opens in select theaters and will be available through On Demand starting Friday. "The Boys" will launch on Amazon Prime July 26.

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