A Lebanese director's new film opens old wounds

Nabih Bulos, Los Angeles Times on

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Christians felt the movie spoke to them, he said, while among the Palestinian population "the reaction was still very much divided."

"The Palestinians were not only victims but they victimized other people, and that's hard to swallow when you have nurtured the idea of victimhood for such a long time," Doueiri said.

"But that's the truth. We're only telling the truth. Subjects like this will always divide people and that's fine, that's what we do for a living."

Doueiri co-wrote the script for "The Insult" with his ex-wife, Joelle Touma, a Lebanese Christian of the very sort he once hated.

While their collaboration might be seen as a reconciliation of sorts, Doueiri said national reconciliation was never the aim of the movie.

"We do not have a message. We have a story, the story of those characters who had a bloody past and how they're going to heal and bridge the gap together. Is it possible? We think it is."

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(Bulos is a special correspondent.)

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