Review: Nicki Minaj still cares about the old way of doing things. Does anybody else?

Uneasy lies the head that wears Nicki Minaj's crown.

That's the prime takeaway (whether or not she intended it to be) from "Queen," on which the most commercially successful female rapper in history spends so much time describing her dominance that a clear conclusion is that she fears it's beginning to erode.

And why wouldn't she?

Always a ...Read more

This year's KCON saw K-Pop fans grappling with big questions

LOS ANGELES -- In the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday afternoon, tens of thousands of K-Pop fans mobbed their favorite artists in meet-and-greets, danced like crazy in choreography workshops and bonded over a music scene that's largely been built on the joys of fandom. KCON, a yearly celebration of South Korean pop culture, was ...Read more

Traci Lords remains a fighter with 'Swedish Dicks'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Not many people need to reinvent themselves at 19. But actress Traci Lords did. Today she's celebrating 17 years of marriage, motherhood and a whole new career.

Lords became a cause celebre in the early '80s when she starred in several adult films at 15. When authorities discovered she was underage, most of her films ...Read more

What the star of 'BlacKkKlansman' learned from the real black cop who infiltrated the KKK

LOS ANGELES -- "Now, you're with the L.A. Times?" Ron Stallworth asked, his eyes narrowing on the voice recorder that has been placed in front of him. "What's the angle on your story?"

Over his 32 years in law enforcement, Stallworth says, he developed a suspicion of journalists. Once, he gave a television reporter an interview about how Utah's...Read more

'The Meg' takes big bite out of box office; 'BlacKkKlansman' is Spike Lee's third best opener ever

LOS ANGELES -- Warner Bros.' over-the-top sci-fi thriller "The Meg" took an unexpectedly massive chomp out of the North American box office over the weekend with $44.5 million in ticket sales, according to figures from measurement firm ComScore.

The PG-13 film, about a giant prehistoric shark that terrorizes beachgoers, more than doubled ...Read more

Poppy Drayton dives into her 'Little Mermaid' role

During the filming of new feature film "The Little Mermaid," British actress Poppy Drayton would often be carried to the set. It was a necessity once she slipped into her mermaid costume.

"What you see in the movie is a real tail," Drayton says. "The huge prosthetic tail was beautiful but very heavy. It weighed half my body weight. Once I was ...Read more

New on DVD: 'Dead' tales dominate this week's new DVD offerings

An unorthodox hero, a mystery fueled by tattoos and a tale of survival are topics of top DVD releases for Aug. 21.

"Deadpool 2"; 3.5 stars: It's neither the suit nor the special effects makeup that makes Deadpool come to life. It's Ryan Reynolds.

All of it starts with a tragedy in Deadpool's life that sends him on a revenge mission that turns ...Read more

How the team behind 'The Meg' set out to build a better giant-shark movie

As a filmmaker, Jon Turteltaub has always prided himself on his versatility, and over the years he has tackled everything from romantic comedies ("While You Were Sleeping") to family films ("The Kid") to action blockbusters ("National Treasure") to a movie about the 1988 Jamaican Olympic bobsled team ("Cool Runnings").

Still, when he was ...Read more

Jenny Pellicer faces her fears for new 'Puppet Master'

The "Puppet Master" franchise has been using maniacal toys named Blade, Pinhead and Tunneler to generate scares since 1989. The most recent installment, "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich," stars Thomas Lennon, Michael Pare and Jenny Pellicer.

Given Pellicer was born and raised in Oslo, Norway, and isn't old enough to have any knowledge of the ...Read more

Album reviews: Boz Scaggs, Underworld & Iggy Pop, Travis Scott

Boz Scaggs

"Out of the Blues"

(Concord )

Although he's best known for such sleek mid-'70s pop hits as "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle," Boz Scaggs was originally drawn to music at least in part by the blues. The Texas- and Oklahoma-raised singer-guitarist cut his 1970 album, Boz Scaggs, in Muscle Shoals, Ala., with Duane Allman on guitar, and it ...Read more

Russell Simmons' alleged rape lawsuit gets messy with 'unsubstantiated' report

Music producer Russell Simmons on Friday refuted a report that threw a wrench in his ongoing litigation with a woman who has accused him of rape. And that woman's attorney agreed that the report was "unsubstantiated."

E! News' report cited documents obtained by the outlet saying that Simmons is seeking $35,000 from the woman, who is identified ...Read more

Kanye West's silence on Trump spoke louder than anything he told Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West made his first television appearance in more than three months on Thursday night's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

West spoke at length about love and fear and the future, not to mention his new album, the importance of de-stigmatizing mental health and even, um, his porn preferences.

But the polarizing rapper and mogul was ...Read more

The 'Brady Bunch' house sells for $3.5 million — nearly double the asking price

The bidding for the "Brady Bunch" house got down to a horse race, according to listing agent Ernie Carswell, but it was HGTV that ultimately pulled away from the pack. So, just how much did the cable network spend to secure the television-famous property? About twice the asking price.

HGTV is paying $3.5 million to buy the Studio City residence...Read more

Huckabee credits Trump for jump in 'Broadway $$' — ridiculous, but he's not all wrong

Even in this golden age of the unfathomable and illogical tweet, it seemed bizarre.

With deft abbreviation skills, a bit of snark and a pragmatic disregard of punctuation, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took to Twitter on Aug. 4 to discuss, of all things, the buoyant state of Broadway grosses. And, yet more improbably, to credit them to the...Read more

Early Emmy predictions: Look for a 'Handmaid's Tale' repeat and a big night for 'Atlanta'

"Game of Thrones" is back. "The Americans" is departing. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus is sadly absent.

How will these changes affect this year's drama and comedy series races? Here's a set of early predictions for the Sept. 17 ceremony.


"The Americans"

"The Crown"

"Game of Thrones"

"The Handmaid's Tale"

"Stranger Things"

"This Is...Read more

'Crazy Rich Asians' romantic comedy treasure

It's incredibly important to recognize that "Crazy Rich Asians" is the first major contemporary Hollywood release since "The Joy Luck Club" in 1993 to feature a predominantly Asian cast. There has been much furor in the film world over the lack of diversity in movies and the Asian community has been one of the most slighted.

"Crazy Rich Asians"...Read more

Movie guide: Capsule listings

Ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America are: (G) for general audiences; (PG) parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children; (PG-13) parents are strongly cautioned to give guidance for attendance of children younger than 13; (R) restricted, younger than 17 admitted only with parent or adult guardian; (...Read more

Review: Chloë Grace Moretz stars in brave, empathetic gay conversion drama 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post'

"The Miseducation of Cameron Post," the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner about teens enduring a gay conversion therapy boarding school, opens with a pastor warning adolescents that they're at an age where they're especially vulnerable to evil.

"What feels like fun is actually the enemy closing the noose around you," he cautions.

Given this ...Read more

Review: Rob Tregenza's 'Gavagai' is a beautiful, melancholy journey through loss and its aftermath

A story of implacable grief, unlikely companionship and stunning landscapes, "Gavagai" is as beautifully singular a movie as I've seen all year. You know you're in for something different in the opening moments, as a train pulls quietly into a deserted station in Telemark, Norway, and disgorges a German traveler, Carsten (Austrian actor Andreas ...Read more