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Trump lawyer calls Michael Cohen 'greatest liar of all time' at hush money closing

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NEW YORK — Defense lawyer Todd Blanche wrapped up his closing statement at Donald Trump’s hush money trial with a list of 10 reasons why the jury should not convict the former president, sprinkling in sports analogies and hammering into the 12 Manhattan jurors that the prosecution’s star witness was a liar.

“Have you heard about GOAT, like, the ‘greatest of all time?’” Todd Blanche asked the jury, backing up his tenth reason: “Cohen is the Embodiment of Reasonable Doubt.”

“Michael Cohen is the GLOAT,” he said. “He’s literally the greatest liar of all time.”

The reasons, Blanche said, included that Cohen sent the invoices for his reimbursement payments, “there’s no evidence” that Trump saw the ledger entries and checks regarding the payments, that the prosecution “manipulated” phone log evidence, and that Playboy model Karen McDougal did not want her story published, according to testimony from Pecker and Keith Davidson.

“The bottom line … is that there is no falsification of business records, and any evidence to the contrary is wrong,” Blanche said.

Judge scolds defense lawyer


Justice Juan Merchan scolded Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche for improperly invoking the threat of prison time facing the former president toward the end of the defense’s summation at the historic hush money trial.

“It’s simply not allowed. Period,” the judge boomed, saying Blanche should have known better as a former prosecutor and longtime defense attorney.

“It’s hard for me to imagine how that was accidental in any way.”

Blanche brought up the possibility Trump could go to prison toward the end of his summation.


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