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Investigators plan to exhume the body of 'The Keepers' subject Joyce Malecki. What could the FBI find out?

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BALTIMORE — The FBI tentatively plans to exhume Joyce Malecki’s body from a grave in Southwest Baltimore next week, more than 50 years after the Baltimore County woman’s unsolved homicide, which was documented in Netflix’s “The Keepers.”

An advocate for Malecki’s family, who noted that the plans were tentative depending on the weather, asked those interested in the high-profile cold case to stay away from the exhumation. A spokesperson for the federal authorities, who took charge of the case soon after Malecki was found dead on military property, said it “does not have anything to publicly share” and would not comment “out of respect for the ongoing investigation.”

Malecki, a 20-year-old from Lansdowne who worked in the credit department of a liquor company, went missing in November 1969 after going to shop in Glen Burnie. She later was found dead in a section of Fort Meade called Soldiers Park. An autopsy determined she had died of strangulation.

Since the beginning, her case has been intertwined with that of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a 26-year-old nun working at Archbishop Keough High School who died under similar circumstances after being reported missing four days before Malecki. The 2017 documentary series aimed to link both homicides to A. Joseph Maskell, who knew both girls and was a chaplain and guidance counselor at the now-closed Catholic school, and was accused of sexually abusing multiple students.

Here’s what to know about the exhumation process.

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Malecki’s family will be able to view the exhumation alongside law enforcement, but the general public — including the media and any “amateur sleuths” — won’t be permitted to enter Loudon Park Cemetery, said Kurt Wolfgang, who heads the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, a nonprofit that has been working with Malecki’s family.

He said the family asks the public to respect their privacy during the exhumation.

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