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Students beat up MSU shooter before rampage, tipster told cops

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McRae searched on Google and watched videos of MSU tours and school shootings before the massacre. He purchased ammunition from Dunham's Sports on the same day as the shooting, according to the report.

Warrant for Google searches

The police report included McRae's Google searches that were obtained by authorities with a search warrant.

On Dec. 20, around 4 p.m., McRae eight times visited the website of "Hi Point Firearms," a Mansfield, Ohio,-based firearms manufacturer also known as Strassell's Machine Inc., which describes itself online as "your source for affordable handguns and carbines."

McRae also conducted nearly a dozen searches for "Dunhams Sports," "dunhams east lansing" and "dunhams lansing mall lansing mi" around midnight on Dec. 29, the police report shows.

Google also provided police with McRae's history of YouTube views from December to February.


Two days before the MSU shooting on Feb. 11, McRae searched and viewed numerous videos of "tours of MSU's campus, killer documentaries, school shooting videos, arsons and hypnosis," the police report shows.

"Other searched and watched videos were documented on various other days in the provided timeframe related to 'killer' videos," the report says. "Other searched terms that should be noted include 'people that shot up colleges' and 'mass killings in colleges.'"

"In addition, on February 8, 2023, account history through YouTube revealed searches for 'the bomber' and 'the nail bomber.'"

Surveillance video shows ammo purchase


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