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Bill Clinton returns to White House to mark family leave law

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden hosted former President Bill Clinton at an event Thursday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, saying the landmark law had made a “gigantic difference” for American families.

“The law was a step toward that dignity my dad used to talk about, dignity for working families,” Biden said at the event at the White House.

“It’s good for business,” he added. “When workers can take leave, when they’re able to do that rather than have to stay in their job, they’re better off and the businesses are better off as well because things get done.”

Biden on Thursday instructed the heads of federal agencies to consider new policies that would extend access to unpaid family and medical leave for federal workers still in the first year of their job. Under current policies, those workers aren’t yet eligible for the leave. The president has also asked federal agencies to consider allowing federal workers leave in the wake of domestic violence or sexual assault.

—Bloomberg News


Florida athletes may soon be required to submit their menstrual history to schools

MIAMI — A proposed draft of a physical education form in Florida could require all high school student athletes to disclose information regarding their menstrual history — a move that’s already drawing pushback from opponents who say the measure would harm students.

The draft — published last month by the Florida High School Athletic Association, a group that oversees interscholastic athletic programs across the state — proposes making currently optional questions regarding a student’s menstrual cycle mandatory, as reported by the Palm Beach Post.

The form, if approved, would ask students if they’ve had a menstrual cycle, and if so, at what age they had their first menstrual period, their most recent menstrual period and “how many periods (the student has) had in the past 12 months.”


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