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Jeffrey Epstein victims sue JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank under NY Adult Survivor Act

Molly Crane-Newman, New York Daily News on

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JP Morgan’s complicity in Epstein’s activities reached “the point of allowing him to pay hundreds of young females in wire transfers and allow him access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to pay hush money to his growing number of victims,” reads the lawsuit.

The suit doesn’t accuse Staley of knowing about the sex trafficking. Instead, it says he benefited from the relationship by gaining introductions to Epstein’s ultra-wealthy friends, who would become clients, “incentivizing JP Morgan to ignore the suspicious activity in Epstein’s accounts.”

“With (Staley’s) help, the number of victims of the Epstein sex trafficking operation began to grow on a vertical trajectory beginning in 2000.”

Staley left JP Morgan in 2014, and later became the CEO of Barclay’s, a Britain-based finance giant. He stepped down from that job in November 2021 after United Kingdom authorities completed an investigation of his role in Epstein’s sex trafficking.

A JP Morgan spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the litigation, nor did a lawyer for Staley.

A separate lawsuit against Deutsche Bank was brought late Wednesday by a Jane Doe who claims she was trafficked and sexually abused by Epstein from 2003 to 2018.


Like the JP Morgan case, the suit against Deutsche Bank accuses the finance giant of turning a blind eye to Epstein’s activities.

“Having been conditioned that the sexual abuse was ‘normal’ and knowing that everyone surrounding Epstein, including accountants, lawyers, bankers, and other important people, were aware of the sex abuse, Jane Doe 1 was coerced into a cult-like life controlled and manipulated by Epstein and others to be sexually abused and to otherwise do Epstein’s bidding,” reads the suit.

Epstein’s sex abuse and trafficking venture was “well-oiled,” and details he “had the ability to advance or destroy nearly anyone financially, reputationally, and otherwise,” the suit says.

“(M)edical and normal life necessities would be denied victims if they, including Jane Doe 1, did not allow Epstein to sexually abuse them and failed to perform commercial sex acts for Epstein,” reads one section.


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