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Accused Club Q shooter changed name at 15; dad was MMA and porn star, mom had arrest record

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A relative who wished to remain unidentified told The Denver Gazette that he chose the name Anderson Lee Aldrich because he liked the initials A.L.A., but no further information was given as to what the three letters represent.

Saturday night into Sunday morning, Aldrich, who witnesses say was dressed in tactical gear and carrying multiple firearms, allegedly shot and killed five people and injured 17 others. Aldrich was beaten with his own pistol by a customer and stomped on by a performer at Club Q and remains in the hospital.

Nick Brink became Anderson Aldrich on May 2, 2016 with an order granting his name change just five days after he petitioned for it in the Bexar County court of records.

The Denver Gazette has been piecing together what appears to be a troubled childhood. There are few social media or school records for the 22 year old. The Washington Post reported that at age 15, around the time of his name change, he was targeted in online bullying and photos.

Aldrich was born May 20, 2000, to Laura Voepel and Aaron Brink in Orange County, California. The couple separated or divorced in Orange County in September 2001, with the description "dissolution with child."

At the time, Aaron Brink was starting his career as an MMA fighter.


All indications are that Aldrich was raised during his early childhood by Voepel.

Attempts to reach Brink, 48, were unsuccessful, but he still lives in California according to court records. His life has also been a struggle.

When Anderson Aldrich was 9 years old, his biological father was still a mixed martial arts fighter based in California who then entered the porn industry acting under the name Dick Delaware.

According to IMDb, it was adult films that led him down the path of drugs, including crystal methamphetamine. In July 2009 when Anderson was still 9 years old, his father appeared on the reality show Intervention where his then-fiancee begged him to quit drugs.


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