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Prosecutor in Kristin Smart case challenges expertise of defense forensic expert

Chloe Jones, The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) on

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Brent Moon, who was subpoenaed by the defense, also took the stand Tuesday.

He said he was dating Jennifer Hudson in 1996 — the year Hudson said Flores told her he killed Smart.

He testified the two would often go to a San Luis Obispo house that had a skateboard ramp in the backyard, consistent with what Hudson had also said.

The backyard is where Hudson said Flores told her he killed Smart and "put her under his place in Huasna," she testified earlier in the trial. Moon was skateboarding on the ramp and did not witness the conversation, she said.

That was the first and only time Hudson saw Flores at the house, she said.

Moon said he did not know Flores and did not recognize him as a skateboarder or someone who frequented the house.


Hudson never talked to him about Flores or what he allegedly said, Moon testified. She also never told him about anyone confessing to the murder of Smart.

This is consistent with Hudson's testimony, which was that she only ever told her former roommate, Justin Goodwin, in 2002.

There was a point in 1996, however, when Hudson stopped going with Moon to the house with the skateboard ramp, Moon said, which was "a little" surprising because she always went with him.

Hudson had also testified that she followed Flores to drop off acquaintances at a skateboard ramp in Huasna. Moon said he did not skate at a ramp in Huasna in 1996.

Court adjourned around 3 p.m and will resume with more testimony from defense witnesses on Monday.

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