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A Kansas police officer victimized 'countless' women, lawyers say. The state hinders them from suing

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But for the two women who have now inquired about filing lawsuits, their legal path would be much more difficult than the McIntyres’ because the state’s statute of limitations on sexual assault lawsuits has run its course.

Kansas lawmakers in recent years tried unsuccessfully to eliminate the short time frame, at least for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Supporters of extending — or doing away with — the statute of limitations say it benefits the alleged perpetrator, considering many struggling survivors don’t come forward for decades. The average age of disclosure for child abuse, one study found, is about 52.

Sen. Cindy Holscher, an Overland Park Democrat who has led the legislative effort, said a “number of women” have not been able to file lawsuits because of the statute. The volume of accusations against Golubski — which he has denied in court records — also caught Holscher’s attention.

After that first assault nearly 23 years ago, Williams alleges, Golubski cleaned himself up and left. In shock, she sat there crying. The abuse, she testified, continued several times throughout her sons’ cases, likely for more than a year, as Golubski forced her into sex acts on duty and in his squad car.

A lawyer asked if she ever called the police.

“No,” she responded. “He was the police.”


Dozens of women

As an adult, Williams generally had a two-year window to file a lawsuit over claims of sexual assault in Kansas. That passed in the early 2000s.

At the time of the alleged assaults, Williams didn’t know what to do. She viewed Golubski as a powerful detective, and she testified he warned her that he could “have somebody do something” to her and that “they would never find me.”

Williams stopped trusting people. Today, she watches her back, afraid, and checks that her doors are locked in the middle of the night. She was also embarrassed; she did not love herself for years.


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