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House GOP apathetic on Boebert’s Islamophobic remarks

WASHINGTON — Just a few days after Iowa Rep. Steve King made comments sympathetic to white supremacy in January of 2019, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other top Republicans decided he was not fit to serve on committees.

“We believe in swift action, because we do not believe in his words,” McCarthy, a California Republican, said at the time.

A video emerged last week of Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert calling Rep. Ilhan Omar a member of the “Jihad squad,” a pejorative reference to the Minnesota Democrat’s Muslim faith and her membership to a well-known group of progressives, known as the squad.

Boebert recounted a story — which Omar has said is false — in which the two members and a Boebert staffer were in a Capitol elevator. Boebert said a fretful Capitol Police officer ran toward the elevator as the door was shutting and she saw Omar to her left side and said, “well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine.”

McCarthy and his conference have been largely silent in publicly condemning Boebert’s comments. He did not respond to a question Thursday on whether her remarks were wrong. A McCarthy spokesperson did not respond to an email request for comment.


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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema won’t commit to voting for Biden’s big social spending package

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is still on the fence about Build Back Better.

The moderate holdout broke her silence on Friday about President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion social spending plan, saying only that she is still negotiating with fellow Democrats.


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