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During her White House tenure, Tanden has been involved in efforts to help pass Biden’s economic agenda and has worked on the White House response to the Supreme Court’s Obamacare review.

Before entering the Biden administration, Tanden was president of the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank, served as a senior adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton. She was also a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services in President Barack Obama’s administration.

—Bloomberg News

Illinois family welcomes home body of WWII soldier killed in Germany

CHICAGO — When a B-17 bomber exploded over Germany 76 years ago killing 20-year-old Sgt. Francis Wiemerslage, it left a hole in his River Grove, Illinois, family that never healed.

With his body unaccounted for, Wiemerslage’s grieving mother, Vivian, for several years after his disappearance set a place for him at the Thanksgiving dinner table in case her beloved son miraculously came home.


His kid brother Roland, just 9 when Wiemerslage died in battle, spent much of his life trying to fill the void of his missing brother. Before his death in 2019, Roland Wiemerslage provided a DNA sample for unidentified remains discovered in German fields that same year.

On Saturday, several Wiemerslage relatives plan to fulfill the wish of other departed family members and say goodbye to a son of River Grove cut down in his prime during the war. A military funeral will be held for Sgt. Wiemerslage at St. Cyprian Catholic Church in his hometown, where his family were early settlers and deeply involved in the community.

An urn with Wiemerslage’s remains will be buried in a family plot at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, along with his mother and brother, who mourned his death for years. “It’s kind of like a homecoming,” Phil Wiemerslage said of his Uncle Frankie, whom he never met.

—Chicago Tribune