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Minnesota broke record in 2020 for most murders reported

MINNEAPOLIS — Violent crime increased dramatically last year across Minnesota, which saw a record number of murders, the highest number of bias crimes in 15 years and a record number of assaults against on-duty police officers.

The number of murders hit 185 last year, up 58% from 117 in 2019, according to a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension report released Tuesday.

Minneapolis police investigated 82 of last year's murder cases and St. Paul police 32, according to the agency's 2020 Uniform Crime Report. Bloomington and Rochester police each investigated five.

Overall, the rate of violent crimes increased by 16.6% compared with 2019.

Reports of robberies were up 26% to 3,885, and aggravated assaults increased 22% to 8,203 between 2019 and 2020. Arson cases and car thefts also jumped. Rapes decreased 9% to 2,222 last year, according to the report. The surge of violence came amid a year marked by economic uncertainty during the pandemic and unrest after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Staffing and morale problems have plagued the police department in Minnesota's largest city.


Minnesota Republicans swiftly criticized Democrats, saying the numbers portray them as not being tough enough on crime.

—Star Tribune

Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb preparing to launch Senate run

WASHINGTON — Rep. Conor Lamb is expected to launch a Senate campaign in August, according to three sources familiar with the Pennsylvania Democrat’s decision.


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