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First federal execution of woman in US in 67 years

WASHINGTON — A woman on federal death row has been executed in the United States for the first time since 1953, after last-minute appeals were rejected by the Supreme Court, according to multiple US media outlets.

Convicted murderer Lisa Montgomery, 52, failed in her attempt to halt her execution by being found mentally unfit, and was given a lethal injection in the state of Indiana overnight, the New York Times reported.

She was convicted in 2007 of murder and kidnapping after strangling a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby out of her body in 2003.

A last-minute appeal by her lawyers was rejected in two decisions by the US Supreme Court, and she was killed in prison hours later.

The outgoing administration of President Donald Trump has sought a slew of executions in the weeks before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.


While many US states enforce the death penalty there had been a 17-year pause on federal executions until July of this year.

Biden, a Democrat, rejects the death penalty and could halt all federal executions. Trump, a Republican, has enforced the reintroduction of executions at the federal level.

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