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FBI director orders internal review of its Michael Flynn investigation

WASHINGTON -- FBI Director Christopher Wray ordered an internal review of how the bureau handled the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, including any instances of official misconduct.

The "after-action review" by the Inspection Division will evaluate the bureau's role in the Flynn investigation and look into whether any current bureau employees engaged in misconduct, according to a statement Friday from the FBI. It also will examine whether any changes are needed to FBI policies or procedures.

President Donald Trump chose Wray as FBI chief after firing James Comey in 2017. But the president has expressed increasing unhappiness with Wray for failing to pursue aggressively his contention that anti-Trump officials in the Justice Department and FBI conspired against him.

"Let's see what happens with him," Trump said of Wray in a May 8 interview on Fox News. "Look, the jury's still out with regard to that."

The Justice Department is already conducting a review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's handling of the Flynn matter. The FBI said Friday that its inquiry will "complement" that probe.


--Bloomberg News

House Democrats seek to overhaul Puerto Rico financial oversight

A group of House Democrats on Friday introduced a long-shot bill that would overhaul the federal government's relationship with Puerto Rico, allow an independent audit of the commonwealth's billions in debt and give local authorities the power to discharge unsecured debt deemed excessive.

The proposal by House Natural Resources Chairman Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., and other lawmakers would make sweeping changes to the Puerto Rico financial rescue law, known as Promesa. But it's unlikely to find much support in the Republican-controlled Senate if it makes it out of the House.


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