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Chicago alligator stays out of sight as effort to capture beast enters 4th day

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He said it looked like a fish or turtle surfacing until the eyes were visible, then it was clear that it was the alligator.

Jackson expressed dissatisfaction with Alligator Bob's tactics. Others in the group agreed.

"What are we holding him accountable to, what are the standards?" Martinek said. "Can we get someone on payroll?"

Although the alligator remained at large, Martinek, who has been at the lagoon looking for the gator every day after work, said that there are many positive outcomes of the reptile situation.

"I think it's nice that all these new people are discovering our park," she said. "It's nice to see people excited and neighbors talking and meeting people in the community that otherwise wouldn't have come here. Hopefully they'll be back."

Up at the boathouse earlier, a small crowd, including a man in a dinosaur suit who swayed to salsa music playing faintly from the building, watched the water from above.

Jose Ramos, a resident of Belmont Cragin, has been out at the park every day except Thursday since the alligator was first spotted.


Ramos said he wondered why no one has been called in from the Florida Everglades or another swampy area.

"If you're going to waste resources, waste them properly," Ramos said. "Get the professionals out here to take care of this. One person can't do it, that's evident already. This is the fourth day and we're still in limbo."

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