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Testimony in murder trial of ex-Minneapolis officer nears completion

Chao Xiong and Libor Jany, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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Under cross-examination by defense attorney Thomas Plunkett, Olson testified that a neighbor told him that noise from a "family of raccoons" could have been the source of Damond's concerns.

But Olson said that he didn't follow up on that information, either.

"You didn't interview the raccoons?" Plunkett asked.

"Correct," Olson responded.

When Plunkett inquired as to why Olson hadn't investigated the tip about the woman -- who was last seen at a bus stop -- wandering the neighborhood, Olson said he didn't see a connection.

"In your 25-year career in investigations, have you determined that people at bus stops get on buses?" Plunkett asked. Olson agreed.


Sweasy also pressed Olson about why he allowed Harrity to be interviewed at his attorney's home instead of at BCA headquarters.

She was critical of how BCA investigators waited to speak with Harrity until three days after the shooting, a concession Olson admitted was not afforded to civilians in homicide cases.

"I would prefer that the interview take place at a different venue," Olson said.

"Why is that?" Sweasy asked.


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