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Here's how the GOP is going on offense on the Mueller report

David Lightman, McClatchy Washington Bureau on

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WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party has launched an elaborate multimedia effort to go on offense with special counsel Robert Mueller's report, advising state parties to attack Democrats as wasting the nation's time and money by dwelling on the findings.

McClatchy obtained a packet the Republican National Committee has sent to each state party, as well as activists and grassroots leaders, with guidance. A sample suggested statement reads: "Democrats have spent the past two years on an overzealous witch hunt, rather than focusing on the issues that matter to the voters they are supposed to represent."

The statement continues: "Today's release confirms what we knew all along -- no collusion. It's time RepX/SenX starts working for the American people, instead of fantasizing over baseless accusations."

The 448-page Mueller report has triggered a fresh wave of Democratic, and to some degree public, outrage.

Mueller detailed areas where questions arise as to whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice, but concluded "we are unable to reach that judgment." Democratic-run House committees plan hearings and further probes.

The RNC's packet included suggested tweets, such as "While @RepX/SenX spent years obstructing and embarrassing themselves, President @RealDonaldTrump has led our nation to unprecedented heights!" Or "Two Years + Tens of Millions of Tax Dollars = Witch Hunt."


And this: "Democrats have been saying for two years to let Mueller do his job and release the report. Now that the report is out with unprecedented transparency like they wanted, they're moving the goalposts! @RepX/SenX needs to get back to working for StateX!"

Another section urges state party officials to "Stay up to date with these talking points."

Among them: "Proving this was a politically motivated fishing expedition against President Trump, Democrats have attempted to move the goal posts throughout this entire process. First, Democrats called for an investigation into the 2016 election.

"Then they demanded then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from the investigation," the statement continued. "Then they called for a special counsel. After the investigation concluded and (Attorney General William) Barr's Letter reaffirmed there was no collusion and no obstruction, Democrats called for a complete, unredacted summary be released to the public. Now, Democrats will continue to call for expensive investigations to harass the President."


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