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Carnage, chaos and terror: Police videos of Las Vegas shooting reveal a war zone

David Montero, Los Angeles Times on

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LAS VEGAS -- Some of the most graphic and terrifying videos of the mass shooting in Las Vegas were released by police Wednesday -- the sixth cache of items connected with the deadly massacre at last year's country music concert.

In one of the videos from a police officer's body camera, scared and wounded people are triaged on a street and sidewalk. A man walks up to an officer and asks if he can get an ambulance for a woman shot in the lungs.

"This guy was shot in the head here," the unidentified officer says, pointing to man by a tree.

"We're OK. We're OK," two woman say, walking past the officer as he heads toward the man, navigating past people holding wounds. And each other.

Later in the video, a woman is taken from a pickup truck -- her limp body put into a crowded ambulance full of other people. "She's DOA," a voice says.

Other body camera videos detail police under fire from Stephen Paddock, the gunman firing from his 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Paddock killed 58 and wounded several hundred last Oct. 1, before killing himself.

"I'm trying to get medical," an officer says moments after gunfire erupted and screams were heard. His camera is obscured partially by some clothing.

"This is what we'll do ... " he starts to tell people when another volley of gunfire begins -- a heavy, steady clacking sound. He ducks down. When the shooting stops, the officer moves to an area of tents where people are running.

One man sprinting, falls and rolls. He looks stunned. Then gets up and takes off again. The officer asks someone to turn off the lights to make it harder for the gunman to see. "Every single light," he yells.

Moving along a wall, he keeps directing people to run to a safer location.


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