Special enrollment period helps small biz get health coverage

By Terry Savage, Tribune Content Agency on

These requirements offer the opportunity to be very creative in solving health insurance needs. For example, a small business could cover the owner and spouse if they form an official partnership. (Spouses cannot be counted as employees to qualify for these plans.) A business owner who is older and covered by Medicare does not have to join the plan — but can offer the insurance to employees.

Part-time workers cannot qualify for coverage under this plan, but they are considered as one of the two employees required for eligibility. So, a sole proprietor could set up a plan if he or she had a qualified part time employee — even if the employee is paid by 1099.

Think about your own insurance situation, and those who worked for you and might have been laid off during the pandemic. If the cost of insurance was the barrier to rehiring them, this could alleviate that problem. And if your existing small business coverage is in jeopardy because you’re required to pay a significant portion of employee insurance, this solves your cost issue and gives employees tax-deductible group insurance.

During this pandemic health insurance coverage is ever more important. Ask your insurance agent — or go to the specialists to get guidance: Vesta Benefits Group ( and eHealth (

Allen Wishner, CEO of Vesta, says that this program was started for small businesses that couldn’t afford to provide health insurance. Now, Wishner says, “This pandemic has made health insurance unaffordable for many struggling small businesses that are currently offering it — just as it is most needed.” He urges small businesses to fill out the “employee census” at his website to see if they can qualify and find the costs — and to begin the paperwork so applications can be submitted on November 15.


I know this is the one deal that sounds too good to be true. But it is true! And that’s the Savage Truth.


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