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Years ago, I had the privilege of attending a Special Olympics event with my family. Our granddaughter, Elizabeth, participated in two races and won a silver and a gold medal. She was excited.

When we entered the stadium, we were surprised to learn that many of the 1,500 participants train all year for these special occasions. The opening ceremonies, complete with color guard, speeches, masters of ceremonies, salutes to the flag, "Star Spangled Banner" and performances by a well-coordinated Coppell High School drill team were all spectacular to watch.

The most moving sight, however, was watching the opening parade. Many emotions were displayed, but the main one was the sheer delight of so many of the athletes. Their smiles, the jumping up and down, the way they hugged each other and the enthusiasm displayed with their crowd-pleasing performances, etc.

One young man could do cartwheels. After the first one, the crowd asked him to "do it again," and he responded with exuberance. One young athlete was a natural-born cheerleader who beckoned the crowd to stand up, cheer and show enthusiasm.

The master of ceremonies reminded us that just 30 years ago, the "experts" believed that no mentally retarded person would ever be able to swim the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool or run a mile. But then he rightly observed that they did not measure the heart or the soul of these athletes.

Question: What would happen if all of us used the same percentage of our ability that these special athletes use of theirs? Seeing the athletes' commitment gave hope to those present that day.

Remember, those who give hope to others are generally filled with hope themselves. So give hope to others, and I'll see you at the top!


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