Chris Lytle Tip: Two Very Powerful Thoughts About Selling


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Many salespeople are drilled in the art of "handling" objections. You can memorize counter arguments to the objections that prospects raise most often. Perhaps you have noticed that whenever you deftly parry an objection, the buyer comes up with another one for you to parry. This can go on indefinitely. This is not selling. This is arguing.

It took me a while to realize that my job wasn't to "handle" the prospect's objections. It is to solve the prospect's problem.

Here are two powerful thoughts that helped me change my approach to selling and make a lot more sales:

1. You don't have to prove someone wrong for you to be right. That's true because...
2. Two points of view can exist simultaneously.


The secret to building rapport with a prospect is to find something you both agree on and build from there instead of debating insignificant details. If you find yourself doing more arguing than selling, you are probably allowing yourself to get drawn into arguments.

When someone objects, you will be better off if you simply acknowledge the objection and ask another question or two about it. See how significant it is before you "handle" it. An even better strategy is to prevent objections, by not going into presentation or pitch mode before you understand the prospect's problems or needs.

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