Tech review: Dyson is a champ at purifiying the air and keeping you comfortable

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Formaldehyde filtering

According to the EPA, formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature and has a strong odor. Exposure to formaldehyde may cause adverse health effects.

The EPA says formaldehyde is found in resins used in the manufacture of composite wood products like plywood, particle board and medium-density fiberboard. These are very commonly used wood products found in many homes and offices.

It is also used in glue, paint, permanent press fabrics, lacquers and finishes, as well as in some paper products.

Formaldehyde is also a byproduct of combustion and can be found in the emissions from gas stoves, kerosene space heaters and cigarette smoke.

The HP09 has a catalytic filter that continuously traps and breaks down formaldehyde molecules into water and carbon dioxide. This filter never needs replacing.


HEPA filtering

Besides the formaldehyde filter, the HP09 has a replaceable HEPA filter that captures 99.97 of particles 0.3 microns in size and it has a layer of activated carbon to remove odors and gases.

The filter is not hard to access or replace, and the app displays the amount of filter life remaining.

I’ve been running the HP09 for almost three months and my filter life is showing 61 percent remaining.


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