Liz Reyer: Your new manager has no idea who you are. Here's how to fix that

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That's not to say that technical challenges are not important. You can -- and should -- go to your new manager to get help finding the resources you need. This is a good example of their role in removing barriers to your success.

Think about other ways to solve your problems, too. Work within your team to help each other, saving the tougher issues for your boss.

I also wonder how much of your distress could be eased through more communication. If you haven't done so, request a meeting where you can provide an overview of your role (keep it high level) along with the types of challenges you face.

Taking a proactive stance will give you energy and also make a good impression. Bosses like team members to show initiative and bring forward solutions.

Then do another assessment. If your new boss is curious, willing to help you, and is someone you respect as a person, you've got a strong foundation for a good future working relationship.

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