Travel Tips

Test your vacation planning skills.

Points available: 10


Which of the following is not recommended as a pet sitter?

  • A) a professional pet sitter/kennel
  • B) a close friend/relative
  • C) a co-worker
  • D) a kid from your neighborhood

Parking your car at the airport can add up to how much expense to your trip?

  • A) about $50
  • B) about $150
  • C) about $250
  • D) about $350

When traveling abroad, when should you exchange your money for foreign currency?

  • A) While in the foreign country
  • B) While in your country's airport
  • C) Before you leave on your vacation
  • D) never

Which of the following is an exclusively New England vacation?

  • A) Maine, Rhode Island, and Delaware
  • B) Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania
  • C) Vermont, New Hampshire, and New Jersey
  • D) Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island

If you're planning a trip to the garden state, where are you going?

  • A) California
  • B) Georgia
  • C) New Jersey
  • D) Montana

If you want to gamble on your vacation, where should you go?

  • A) Oklahoma
  • B) Nevada
  • C) Utah
  • D) North Dakota

What country is not in Europe?

  • A) Singapore
  • B) Spain
  • C) Switzerland
  • D) Sweden

What is the most dangerous traveling decision for a pet?

  • A) leaving them at home
  • B) sending them to the kennel
  • C) taking them with you on a roadtrip
  • D) bringing them on an airplane flight

Which state does not have a professional sports team to offer as vacation entertainment?

  • A) Oregon
  • B) South Carolina
  • C) Missouri
  • D) Wisconsin

If you won free tickets to anywhere in the continental United States, which of the following locations does that not include?

  • A) Florida
  • B) New Mexico
  • C) Hawaii
  • D) Virginia